You Won’t Believe What People Have to Pay Taxes on Now.

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To say that  the people of the Newfound Kingdom are outraged, is an understatement.

King Dwight, Queen Kathy, and Prince Daniel have decided to sell magic to the people. In addition to this, the taxes on magic are very high.

This is where things get complicated. It will be illegal to posses and to use magic that citizens didn’t buy from the Royal family. However, there are people out there who were born with magic, particularly genies and witches. Therefore, it’s not illegal for them to have magic. In order for those born with magic to use it, they must have a permit to use their own magic.

The question is, how would the authorities know whether if somebody have illegal magic, or if they bought magic from the Royal family?

“We’re still trying to figure out how we can tell the difference,” King Dwight said. “Until we figure things out, all magic is still legal.”

There are a couple of reasons why the people of the Newfound Kingdom are outraged. Genies and witches feel that they are signaled. The other reason why people are outraged is because the Newfound Kingdom heavily relies on magic.


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