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DISCLAIMER: This news story is full of sarcasm and hyperbole. However, it’s sadly an actual news story. Just to be clear, I’m making fun of it. Sexism towards men is not sexism, because men dominate the world. One way that men show dominance is by manspreading. But what it manspreading? Manspreading refers to the practice of a man sitting with men knees so far apart, it encroaches on the personal space of people next to them.

The good news is that one woman decided to finally put men in their place by inventing a chair that trains men to keep their legs perfectly closed, as if there’s nothing is between them. That brave warrior’s name is Laila Laurel. Laurel said that her invention was inspired by men infringing on her space in public. Laurel even won some award for invention. Ironically, Laurel also made a second chair intended for women to push their legs apart. Source: BBC News


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