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The following Friday, Martha approached her parents, who were in the kitchen, reading the paper.
“Can I get a ride?” Martha asked.
“What for?” Martha’s father asked.
“I’m looking for a prom dress.”
“Can’t you take the bus?”
“The bus schedule sucks.”
“Who are you going with?” Martha’s mother asked.
“I don’t know yet,” Martha said. “Maybe nobody.”
“Monica! Can you come downstairs, please?”
Monica walked downstairs and entered the kitchen.
“Can you drive your sister?” their mother asked. “She needs to look for a
prom dress. So, you might as well do the same, assuming you’re going to the prom.”
“Does this mean I can drive again?” Monica asked.
“Yes. But only when and where we say you can. Since Martha was the one who drank, we’re not letting her drive ever again.”
“So you’re punishing me by making me drive Martha where she wants, even though I was being responsible.”
“You crashed the car.”
“That’s because Martha hit me while I was driving!”
“I don’t want to hear it!” their father said. “Drive your sister where she needs to go.”
“Fine then. I’ll be in the car.”
A few minutes later, Monica and Martha took off.
“So, who was that guy you were talking to last week?” Monica asked.
“His name’s Larry.”
“Like him?”
“I just met him. He seems like a square.”
“The prom is in a few weeks. Why don’t you ask him to go with you?”
“Maybe. Hey, can you turn left at the next intersection?”
Monica turned left.
“Pull over,” Martha said.
Monica pulled over in front of a dilapidated house.
“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Martha said as she got out of the car. She returned five minutes later.
“What was that about?” Monica asked.
“I owed Emily some money,” Martha said.
“But that’s not Emily’s house.”
“I meant to say Rob.”
Monica noticed something hanging out of Martha’s pocket.
“What’s in your pocket?” Monica asked.
“None of your business,” Martha said. “I need to look for a prom dress.”
Monica drove Martha to a local boutique. When Martha entered the boutique, she saw Larry once again.
“Hey, Larry,” Martha said.

“Hey,” Larry said. “Uh…I didn’t get your name.”
“It’s Martha. What are you doing here?”
“I’m looking for tux for the prom.”
“We go to the same school, don’t we?”
“Are you going to the prom with anybody?”
“No. Are you?”
“No. Want to go with me?”
“Really? We don’t even know each other.”
“So what? It’s just the prom.”
“Sure, why not?”
“Wicket. Anyway, I need to look for a prom dress.”
Later on that day, Martha and Monica went home. As soon as Martha and Monica entered the house, their parents stood by the door with their arms folded.
“Are you two okay?” Martha asked. “You two look crooked.”
“You talk to them, Nina,” their father said.
“Where have you two been?” Nina asked.
“Looking for a prom dress,” Martha said.
“Somebody told us that you dropped by a drug house.”
“Who told you that?”
“None of your business! How could you drive your sister there, Monica?”
“She’s the one who went inside,” Monica said.
“But you fucking drove her there!”
“Everybody shut-up!” Martha and Monica’s father said.
“Don’t tell anybody to shut-up, Jerry,” Nina said.
Jerry took a deep breath.
“As soon as you two graduates, Martha’s going into rehab, and Monica’s moving out,” Jerry said.
“We’ll be eighteen in September,” Martha said. “I don’t have to go to rehab if I don’t want to.”
“In that case, the both of you can just move out!”
Jerry stormed upstairs and Nina followed him.
“I’m sick and tired of getting into trouble because of you,” Monica said.
“You’re getting on with foolishness,” Martha said.
”Look at you. You’re turning into Mom and Dad. Except they’re not druggies like you.”
“Fuck off!”
Martha ended the conversation and she stormed off.
Over the course of a few weeks, Martha and Monica only talked to each other when they needed to. However, a few days before the prom, that’s all Monica and Martha talked about. They even made plans for the prom. Larry and Emily would meet with Martha and Monica at their home. They would all take a limo together, and they would sit at a table together. While Martha and Monica became sisters again, they didn’t talk about the car accident. Actually, they never spoke about it ever again.

The prom took place a few weeks later. Martha arrived wearing a teal dress.
“Love the dress,” Larry said.
“Thanks,” Martha said. “There’s something I want to ask you. Why have you come to our school one month before graduation?”
“What are you talking about? I came to this school when I was in grade 10.”
“Why haven’t I noticed you around before?”
“I used to be the invisible kid. But then I hit the gym and I gained some confidence.”
“Oh! That makes sense. Have you’ve noticed me around?”
“Yes. I wanted to ask you out a few times, but I was too nervous.”
“You’re cute.”
Martha gave Larry an innocent kiss on the lips.
Meanwhile, Monica sat at a table by herself. That is until Emily joined her.
“What’s the matter?” Emily asked.

“It’s Martha,” Monica said. “I keep getting into trouble because of her and I’m sick of it.”

“Quit being so emo.”

“What’s emo?”

“It’s something that will be popular in the 2000’s. Never mind. The point is you’re living in your sister’s shadow. If you stop that, she won’t get you into any trouble.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

“You know I’m right. Come on, let’s dance.”


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