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You know how each version of software is either numbered or is named? I’ve decided to do that for this website.  I just like to keep organized. Here are some minor changes that I’ve made.

  • I’ve re-organized the menu.
  • I will post webcomics seven days a week until sometime is December.
  • I will not include digital art. Instead, I will only post news, videos and comics on this site.
  • I’ve updated the About page.

What’s in store for the next version of this website?

I have a few things in mind for the next version of this website, but I’m not sure yet.

  • This website will have a child theme.
  • I will add a characters page.
  • I may add games based on my webcomic.

I will also create more websites and it will all be a part of a network. One website will be a serial novel based on my comics, and another will be about graphic design, web design, and content creation.

These changes will come into effect in January.


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