The United Nations have come up with a new way to prevent world war 3 and to help the world economy No ratings yet.

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Fears of a third world war are at an all time high. The good news is that the United Nations have come up with a new way to prevent World War 3 from happening. It’s called the International Conflict Resolution Act.

Whenever nations have a conflict, there will be three levels to resolve the conflict.

The first level is diplomacy.

The second level is a tournament. This level will usually occur if two countries are fighting over something as oil or other resources. These tournaments will be aired live on pay-per-view. All representatives of the United Nations agree that these pay-per-view events could help the world economy.

The final stage is a full-scale war.

Not every country has signed the International Conflict Combat Act as of yet. The World is still waiting on Canada’s response.


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