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  • Users are welcome to contest the rules we have this site.
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Social Network Rules

Do not harass others. Criticizing people’s work or their points of view is not harassment. Sending them constant PM’s, making threats, etc.

Criticisms are allowed. You can criticize the government, religion, social movements, protected classes, and public figures.

Don’t post anything illegal. Examples include threats of violence, inciting violence, defamation, child porn, etc.

Don’t spam. Commercial spam, including but not limited to advertisements for commercial or noncommercial products or unsolicited advertisements for events inappropriate for this site is forbidden. However, you can post links to your products and services on your profiles. You can also advertise on our classifieds page as well.

Do not impersonate others. Accounts created to impersonate other living or deceased individuals are not permitted, whether or not the impersonations are positive or negative.

Blog Rules

Don’t create a blog for the sole purpose of selling products and services. 

Don’t put ads on your blog. This include ad banners, sponsored content, and affiliate links.

Don’t post anything illegal.

You’re allowed to post links to your donation page if you one. This can include a link to your Patreon page, PayPal, etc.

Mark adult blogs: If you decide to create an adult blog, make an indication of it. Put the words “Adults Only” in the title of your blog. Also, use the adult confirmation plugin for your content.