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We’ve seen a huge representation of the LGBBTTQIAAU (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Bi-gender, Transgender, Trigender, Queen, Intersex, Asexual, Agender, Unsure) community in entertainment for years. Despite all the representation, it still isn’t enough for social justice warriors.

Recently, Superman’s costume has caused a lot of controversy within the LGBBTTQIAAU community. This is despite the fact that Superman’s costume hasn’t changed much since he made his debut on April 18th, 1938. People argue that Superman’s costume isn’t gay enough.

“Superman’s costume is pretty gay,” said Anita Quinn, “but his costume isn’t gay enough. Can’t he have some pink and purple in his costume?”

Social justice warriors are kicking up a shit storm about Superman’s costume, despite the fact we have several LGBBTTQIAAU superheros.

Alex Moody is a 19-year-old transgender man, who loves comics.

“I’m outraged,” Alex said. “These social justice warriors really need to get lives. ”


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