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“Status report?” Glacier asked.

“We’ve tested the machine repeatedly,” one of the scientists said. “It’s impossible to create a machine to manipulate time and to see into multiple timelines.”

“No worries. I have Chaos’ and Tempus’ powers. So, you can scrap this project if you want. But thanks for the effort.”

Suddenly, Glacier felt weak, and she had a sharp pain in her stomach. She also noticed that she was glowing.

“What’s happening to me!” Glacier screamed.

“Your body can’t handle that much power,” one of the scientist said.

“And nobody told me this?”

“We thought that was common sense.”

Glacier transferred her powers that she got from Tempus and Chaos into the machine.

At that point, the machine lit up like a Christmas tree.

“It worked,” one of the scientists said. “It actually worked!”

Everybody in the lab celebrated.

“Excellent,” Glacier said. “I have big plans.”

“What would those plans be?” asked a man wearing a suit.

“Hello, Clarence,” Glacier said. “How is my love?”

Clarence looked at the machine. “Is that the project you’ve been working on?” he asked.

The machine that Clarence was referring to looked like an aqua-colored, metal trailer. Instead of windows, it had a screen. It also had a door and it had two arrow-shaped lights. One light pointed to the left, while the other pointed to the right.

“Yes, and it finally works,” Glacier said.

“What do you call it?” Clarence asked.

“I’ll call it a reality engine.”

Planet Oberon is divided into different countries.
Glacier had a meeting with Oural, who is the president of a country called Libertas.

“I’ll cut to the chance,” President Oural said. “On behalf of all of our world leaders, we have evidence that you are abusing the power of the reality engine.”
“What is this evidence?” Glacier asked.

“There have been several cases of experiencing déjà vu as well as the Mandela effect. Speaking of which, as I recall, you were always legally recognized as a deity throughout most of your life. But apparently, for the past 10 years or so, you’ve have been declared legally moral.”
“And that’s why I’ve become the leader of the great country of Kratos. Anyway, you don’t have any proof that I did anything. It’s all one big coincidence.”

“Either way, our two countries already had a war, we don’t want another one.”
“Yes. I remember. Both countries fought over oil; a war that you started. I remember all the bullets flying in multiple directions, fighter ships crashing and burning, buildings exploding, and so many were people screaming in agony. Good times.”

“I propose a tournament. Both countries send both of their best fighters to compete. The winning country gets control of the reality engine.”


“Glacier, this might be a good idea,” Clarence said. “Think about it. We could put this tournament on pay-per-view. It would really help the economy.”

Glacier sat down in silence for a moment.

“If this tournament is successful, it could be a part of an international conflict resolution act,” President Oural said.”

“I’ll agree to the tournament under the following conditions,” Glacier said. “First, I want the tournament to take place and to be officiated from people outside of Libertas and Kratos. Secondly, I want this tournament to be broadcasted on pay-per-view. Finally, I want every federal leader on Oberon to approve of this tournament. Until then, I’ll keep the reality engine to myself.”

“You got a deal.”

 Angel joined the Libertas military. That’s where she met David.

Once David and Angel graduated from basic training, they trained together in the martial art of solider combat. That’s when they realized that they liked each other. Cadets at the Libertas Academy were forbidden to date, so they dated in secret. While David and Angel dated, they continued to train in Libertas soldier combat. David and Angel eventually became black belts.

Eventually, David and Angel they got married. After their honeymoon, David and Angel were deployed to the country of Tookistan, where they competed in the tournament between Libertas and Kratos, for control of the reality engine.

In David’s match, he competed against a man named Bruno. He was a tall man, who was also a weightlifting champion. He was also the heavyweight champion in the Kratos Iron Fist Boxing League, the most dangerous boxing league in all of Oberon. Not only does the Kratos Iron Fist Boxing League have very few rules, it’s also a bare-knuckle boxing league as well. Even though Bruno had to wear gloves, they were only designed to protect his fists, and not to soften his punches.

The match between the two fighters was fierce. David relied on dodging Bruno’s punches, and counteracting with his own punches. However, Bruno landed one hard punch to the side of David’s head. David managed to get back on his feet before the referee counted to ten. However, as soon as David got back to his feet, Bruno gave David a powerful, three-hit-combo to the head, knocking him unconscious.

“David!” Angel screamed. Angel jumped into the ring to check up on David.

“Ma’am, you need to get back,” one of the paramedics said.

The paramedics rushed David to the hospital and Angel followed.

Angel was in the waiting room for what seemed like hours until the doctor came in.

“How is he?” Angel asked frantically.

“The blows to the head caused serious brain damage,” The Doctor said. “He’s on life support, but he’s brain-dead.”

“No!” Angel screamed as she fell to her knees, crying profusely.

Several minutes later, Angel regained her composure, and she went inside David’s hospital room.

“This is so unfair,” Angel said. “We both knew that when we joined the army that we would be putting our lives on the line, but I didn’t expect this. I wanted to start a family with you some day. But I’m not mad at you, David. You did your job. You served your country. Goodbye, my love.”

Angel told the doctors to take David off of life support. Because David was killed, Angel withdrew from the tournament and take time off to grieve.

A few days later, Libertas won the tournament. A few months later, Angel accepted an offer to rejoin the army.

“There’s a possible future where the Kratos Army may steal the reality engine from us,” Admiral Adams said. “For that reason, we’re bringing the reality engine to Earth. It’s on the other side of the galaxy, so it will take five years to get there. It’s also a one-way trip.”

“I volunteer to go to Earth, Sir,” Angel said.

“Are you sure of this?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Alright. Thank you, solider.”

Angel went aboard a ship with the reality engine and she spent five years traveling to Earth.

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