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June is LGBTQIA and whatever letters that may be added later Pride Month. Every year, there are a few Conservatives throwing fits of rage about this.

“This is outrageous! These people get an entire month dedicated to them. They’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

Okay, everybody just calm your bitch tits.

I could tell you that far too many people within the LGBBTTQIAAU community are fired from their jobs, disowned by their families, beaten up and killed for who they are. However, you either don’t care, or you think these incidents are too rare to give a fuck about it.

Instead, I have a piece of advice for those who are against LGBTQIA Pride Month. Don’t celebrate it. The truth is, nobody’s going to care if you do or not.

About the special guest author.

Steve Moody

Steve works part-time at a supermarket. He also works part-time as a trucker helper in the winter and he flips cars the rest of the year. Steve has a son named Josh.


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