June 1, 2017



Ad Banners: For blogs owned by, ad banners are done through Project Wonderful and Google Adsense.

.Native Advertising: Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. In many cases, it manifests as either an article or video, produced by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform’s editorial staff.

White-Label Services

Web design: I’m an expert in HTML5, CCC3, and WordPress. I also have experience with Joomla as well. My web design services include designing the website, website maintenance, copywriting, domain registration, and hosting.

Web hosting: Maybe you want to design your website yourself, but you need a place to host it.  Hosting your website with Townie Place will include free advertising.

Content Licensing: This is when Townie Place grants you a licence to use our content and intellectual property for commercial purposes for a free. This does not include the work of other artists and authors.

Contact me if you’re interested in any of my services.

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