Free WordPress hosting – Get a free WordPress site with Townie Place. Please note that if you wish to create a free WordPress site and you want a domain, contact me.

Web Hosting – Host your website with me without the fear of being censored for having an unpopular opinion.

Domain Registration – Order a domain name for your website.

Web Design – Designing a website includes selecting the right content management system, choosing the right template, strategically creating a navigation menu, and more. If you’re using a CMS for the first time, there may be a learning curb. I can help you with that learning curb.

Free Content – I create free content to help you make money online.

IP Licences – You cannot use my content for your website to promote your own products and services. You also cannot place ads on your website if you want to use my content or intellectual property. If you want to use my content or IP for commercial purposes, then contact me.

Ad banners – I can place ad banners on the side or at the bottom any of my websites. I can also place ad banners within blog posts as well.

Native Ads – This is a type of ad, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears on.

Sponsored Ads – Sponsored ads are straight up ads using text and images.

Social media Ads – I can post ads on for your business on my social media profiles.