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“Okay, chill out!” Angel said. “Let’s all get some sleep. We’ll discuss what we’re going to do in the morning.”

When everybody slept, Melody and Sarah shared a dream. A young blonde woman (who was facing away from them) looked up at the sky.

“I’m sick and tired of punishing sinners,” the blonde woman said. “You want me to punish sinners, so you don’t have to. I’ve been punishing sinners for the dumbest things, but I’m done with that. Do your own dirty work.”

Meanwhile, Alex had a dream of his own. In his dream, he was reading a book in his room. He saw a woman in the mirror. She was partly invisible. Alex could see that the woman had blonde hair and she was wearing a white dress. However, Alex couldn’t see the woman’s face.

“Run!” the woman said.

Melody, Sarah, and Alex were not the only ones who were dreaming that night, so was Steve. In Steve’s dream, he was on the bridge of the space-time-dimension ship. He saw a clock counting down from eight hours. There was also a blonde woman in the room as well, who wore a white mask.

“Run!” the woman said.

Meanwhile, Shelly had a dream where the Kratos Army attacked the ship. Suddenly, there was a three-sided war between the Kratos Army, the Country Dwellers and the City Dwellers. That war evolved into a war between Oberon and Terra. The Crew was fighting on Oberon’s side of the war. Shelly was flat on her back, somewhere in the forest. A soldier towered above her. The soldier took off her helmet. From Shelly’s view, the sun was shining behind the woman, so Shelly couldn’t see her face. But based on what Shelly could see, the woman had blonde hair.

“You should have left while you had the chance,” the soldier said as she aimed her gun at Shelly’s head.

Meanwhile, in Michael’s dream, he was talking to a mysterious blonde woman on FaceTime, except the woman never showed her face on camera. Instead, she pointed her phone at her breasts. Michael couldn’t remember what they were talking about, but they both talked for several hours. Michael learned that the woman’s name was Selena.

After meeting Michael and Selena met on FaceTime, they went on a date. They went to the park, to a restaurant, and then a movie. All the while, Michael couldn’t see Selena’s face. It was almost like it was blurred out.

Suddenly, Michael and Selena were on the beach. Michael slowly walked up to the Selena, and the beach slowly turned into a hotel room. Selena went to the corner, facing the wall.

Michael stared at Selena for a minute. Her hair was so long, it almost reached her ass. Speaking of which, Selena had a firm ass and a swimmer’s body. Was she a swimsuit model? Whether if she was or not, she certainly had the body to be one.
Michael walked up to Selena and he caressed her body, starting with her shoulders and slowly making his way down to her feet. Once Michael finished caressing Selena’s body, he helped Selena take off her white dress. Meanwhile, Michael was taking his own clothes off as well.

As Michael and Selena laid in bed, Allison broke into the hotel room.

“Michael!” Allison yelled.

“Allison, I can explain!” Michael said. “What a minute, we broke up. I don’t need to explain anything to you.”

Allison stormed toward the bed.

“Get up!” Allison screamed, pulling Selena out of bed by her hair.

“Ow!” Selena screamed. “Get off me, Bitch!”

Selena batted Allison’s hands, breaking free of her grip. Selena tried to slap Allison in the face. But Allison blocked Selena’s slap and she counteracted with a slap of her own.

Selena then gave Allison a sidekick, knocking her to the ground. But Allison quickly sprang up to her feet.

As soon as Allison got back up on her feet, Selena punched her in the face. Selena tried to punch Allison again, but she blocked it. Allison counteracted with a jab to the face, followed by a punch to the stomach, and a right-hook to the head; Allison struck Selena with a three-hit combo like she was a boxer.

“Had enough, Bitch?” Allison asked.

Selena stumbled her way out of the room like she had a massive hangover.

“Allison,” Michael said. “I didn’t know you could fight like that.”

“Neither did I,” Allison said.

Michael suddenly woke up to the sound of birds chirping from outside.

Since it was morning, Michael decided to head to the mess hall. All of his friends were already there.

“So, we have two choices,” Shelly said. “We can either stay on Terra and help with the situation that this planet is in, or we can just leave and try to change to the past to save Earth.”

“Isn’t it a no brainer?” Michael asked. “We go to Oberon to prevent the reality engine from ever being invented to save Earth. It’s a huge risk, but I think it’s worth it.”

“I agree,” Alex said.
“We’ve looked into multiple timelines,” Shelly said, “but we haven’t really seen what our lives would be like without it.”

“I think things would be the same, except we wouldn’t be on this ship. We would have carried on with our lives on Earth.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

“I would love to see what life is like on Earth now,” Steve said.

“That’s a good idea!” Shelly said. “Maybe it will influence our decision.”

Angel walked into the mess hall. “Take a look at this,” Angel said as she turned on the TV.

The Crew watched an old man speaking to the camera.

“People who follow this religion are evil,” the old man said. “This especially applies to the Country Dwellers. The terrorist attack that took place yesterday is proof of this. These people are our enemies and they want to kill us. That’s why we need to build a wall to separate the Country Dwellers and the City Dwellers. As for religion goes, we must ban religion from Terra forever. Not only is religion the root of all evil, anybody who believes in a deity is either mentally ill or mentally delayed.”

“It looks like the government is going to fight one extreme with the other,” Shelly said.

“Except it’s only one extreme that’s killing people,” Michael said.

“That’s true.”

“Leave this planet,” a whisper said.

“Did you hear that?” Shelly asked.

“I heard it,” Alex said.

“Me too,” Allison said.

“Leave this planet,” the whisper said again.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” Angel said. “But I think we should leave.”

The Crew made their way to the bridge. Along the way, though, they felt a blast and the alarm sounded.

“Warning: this ship is under attack,” the ship’s voice over alarm said. “Shields activated.”

The Crew continued their way to the bridge.
“Identify threat,” Angel said.

On the screen, The Crew saw Kratos Army space ships.

“How did this find us?” Melody asked.

“They must have followed us,” Angel said.

“How could they without us noticing?”

“That doesn’t matter. We need to get out of here!”

Everybody buckled up and Angel was about to take off. But the Kratos Army ships kept shooting at the space-time-dimension ship. Meanwhile, the words “shields failing” kept flashing on the screen.

“I have an idea,” Angel said as she headed to the reality engine control room. Angel pushed some buttons in the reality engine control room, as the Kratos Army ships kept firing. However, the firing suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Shelly asked.

“I stopped time,” Angel said.

“How are we still moving?”

“I altered the settings. Now we can leave this planet safely.”

“I had this weird dream last night,” Steve said. “I was on this ship, and I looked at a clock counting down from eight hours. I saw this blonde misses who told us to leave the planet.”

“Me and Mel had a similar dream,” Sarah said. “I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I remember this blonde woman telling us to leave the planet.”

“I can’t remember what happened either,” Melody said. “I think the Kratos Army was attacking us.”

“I had a dream where I was fighting some blonde misses in the woods and she told us we should have left,” Shelly said.

“Wait, did everybody have a dream of some blonde misses telling us to leave the planet?” Michael asked.

“I did,” Alex said.

“I didn’t,” Angel said.

Allison didn’t say anything.
“I think I know what’s going on,” Michael said. “It’s Selena, the goddess of the moon. She was telling us to leave this planet.”

“Why did she contact us in our dreams?” Allison asked. “I mean, for a lot of people, dream are just dreams.”

“Maybe she’s weak. Deities get their power from their worshippers and Selena hardly has any.”

“That’s because she’s like The Devil of this planet.”

“Clearly she isn’t. She was trying to save us. Or at least she was trying to save this planet.”

“Whatever the case, we need to get out of here,” Angel said. “If time is frozen for too long, it will break. Think of it as jamming a stick between two cogs in a machine.”

“This is anti-climatic,” Steve said.

The space-time-dimension ship slowly left the ground. As soon as the ship reached a certain distance, Angel used the reality engine to set the time back to normal.

The Crew continued their mission, to prevent the reality engine from ever being invented. To complete their mission, they had to go back in time. But first, they had to reach Oberon. The Crew were in the boardroom, watching a movie, but Shelly went to the bridge.

“Hey, Angel,” Shelly said. “Is there a way we can turn back time, but keep our memories?”

“Yes. But that won’t help us stop the Kratos Army from invading Earth.
Angel’s phone rang.

“You have reception?” Shelly asked.

“Yeah, I have a phone from the future,” Angel said.

Angel looked at her caller ID and she jumped out of her seat.

“It’s the Kratos Army,” Angel said.

Angel nervously answered her phone.

“Happy birthday to you,” a creepy voice on the other end sang. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to…what’s your name again?”

“Who the hell is this?” Angel asked.

“Oh, okay, thanks.” The person on the other end of the phone continued to sing. “Happy birthday to who the hell is this. Happy birthday to you.”


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