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I used to love puns until I’ve heard other people say them. It was then I realized how terrible puns are. Here are some examples.

Two onion rings walk down the street. Both were battered.

I’m sorry I stunk up the bathroom. Shit happens.

Nobody takes me seriously because of my height. But everybody tells me I’m just selling myself short.

Do you see how bad these puns are?  It’s not just individual puns that are God awful, there are entire categories of puns that are terrible as well.

Puns about black holes really sick.

Puns about poor people is cheap.

Puns about being short is low-hanging fruit.

Can we please stop with the pun?

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Larry was a former web designer for a locally owned web design company, and later for a advertising company. Larry is now a supervisor at Small Mark and he’s a columnist at TowniePlace. Larry is also a fictional character.


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