My Thoughts on Using Zazzle To Sell Merch

Making Money

If you’re a graphic artist, there are websites where you can place your art on a variety of products and sell them. Every product you sell, you earn a commission based on royalties. There are several websites where you can use to create your own online store. Three of these websites are Cafe Press, Red Bubble,and Zazzle. I will focus on Zazzle.

Between the three sites, Zazzle is the easiest site to use. Zazzle also gives you the option to embed your products into your blog or website. The downside of Zazzle is that their products are expensive. Even if you mark down your products to just 10% in royalties, and you give your customers coupon codes, the products are still expensive.

I’ve created two Zazzle stores, Townie Place Shop and The Townie Shop. Townie Place Shop sells anything that you would see in an office, such as binders, mugs, wall clocks, etc. The Townie Shop sells Newfoundland themed products. Both of my online stores are niche based. That’s because niche stores tend to be more successful than generic stores.

If you think you can’t make a living selling products on websites such as Cafepress, Red Bubble, or Zazzle, you absolutely can. It all depends on the quality of your designs and how you market them. Keep in mind,though, it can take a long time before you start earning a profit from your products.

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