My Thoughts on The TikTok Ban


I’m reading all of these articles about TikTok getting banned. Most of these articles either don’t have all the information, or they are just opinion pieces. So, I’m going to give you my take on this bullshit.

What we know

Donald Trump is forcing ByteDance, a Chinese entertainment company to either sell TikTok to an American company or the app will get banned in the United States. The reason is because Donald Trump doesn’t want to U.S citizens’ personal information in the Chinese government’s hands. However, TikTok’s owners claim that American’s personal information is stored in the U.S., with a backup saved in Singapore.

If TikTok gets banned, U.S citizens will still have access to the app if it’s on their phones. However, U.S citizens will not be able to download the app, and they will no longer receive updates, which will eventually make the app inoperable. The good news is that ByteDance may sell TikTok to Oracle.

My Opinion

The Chinese government doesn’t have any useful information on TikTok users. The information that Bytedance and the Chinese government have on TikTok users is the same type of information that Mark Zuckerberg has on Facebook users. People say that the real reason Trump is banning TikTok is because so many Zoomers (AKA Generation Z) are using the app to speak out against him. If that’s the case, then Donald Trump is making himself even less popular. Here’s another thing to think about. If Donald Trump really wanted to ban TikTok to censor those who speak out against him, then why did he give ByteDance a chance to sell TikTok to American company? 

Trying to figure out what goes through Donald Trump’s mind is like running through a narrow maze that you can’t get out of.

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