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The number of men who choose to be single is increasing. Men choosing to be single isn’t a hate crime. However, it can lead to a hate crime. This is going to require some mental gymnastics to explain this one.

The Fawcett Society, which is a gender equality and woman’s rights charity, claims that misogyny is “at its root, violence against girls and women. For that reason, we’re trying to make misogyny a hate crime.”

Meanwhile, men choose to be single for various reasons.

“The main reason men choose to be single is because they’ve gotten out of a relationship,” Anita Quinn said. “That’s completely understandable. Other men may choose to stay single because they’re dealing with other issues such as illness or they need to take care of a family member. However, a lot of men choose to be single because they hate women, but they use excuses such as they’re focusing on their career.” Anita, if gays, lesbians or bisexuals choose to remain single, is it a form of misogyny?

“The fact that you’re asking this question shows that you hate women,” Anita said.

So, if men choosing to be single is misogyny, and misogyny becomes a hate crime, does that mean that men choosing to be single is a hate crime? We asked Anita Quinn this question and she refused to answer. eventually contacted Jessica Lawrence, a feminist who was actually willing to answer our questions.

“Gay men choosing to stay single isn’t a form of misogyny,” Lawrence said. “Gay women, straight men, and bisexuals choosing to be single can be a form of misogyny. It all depends why these individuals choose to be single. Choosing to be single isn’t a crime, no matter what the reason. But if a man wants to be single because he hates women, it can lead to violence against women. Of course, men will make up excuses as to why they’re single.

“As for non-binary people go, that’s a little more complicated.”

Author Michael Crane chimed in on this topic.

“In some ways, it’s still considered taboo to be single,” Crane said. “But for the most part, if a woman chooses to be single, we call it being independent. If a man chooses be single, we call it fear of commitment. But now, we’re trying to make it a crime for a man to be single. This is ridiculous. It’s like we’re inside a poorly written satirical dystopian novel.”

Update: After posting this article, millions of feminists wrote to, expressing their disapproval that we allowed a man to express his opinions on this issue. These feminists were furious over the fact that a man didn’t agree with them. As a result, these feminists claim that is promoting misogyny.


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