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Last Halloween, a little girl located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador went trick-or-treating as a special little snowflake. She offended far-left Liberals. The little girl, whom we cannot identify under the Young Offenders Act, was sentenced to six months in a sensitivity camp for a hate crime.

The reactions of those who were offended varied from crying like little babies, to causing riots.

Because the little girl has offended people, the Canadian government has created a vague and oddly worded guideline on what children (and adults) should and should not wear for Halloween. This guideline is to avoid cultural appropriation.

⦁ Only Muslim girls and women should wear burkas, if they choose to.

⦁ Nobody should wear costumes that represent the dead such as zombies and ghosts. This may offend the living impaired, as well as anybody who has lost a loved one.

⦁ White people should not wear the following costumes: an Native American, a geisha, black face, Pokémon, Moana, the Super Mario Brothers, somebody’s who’s psychologically different, a hula dancer, etc. Minorities, however, can wear whatever costume they want. For example, a black girl can wear a geisha costume. Actually, that’s one up for debate.

⦁ Nobody should wear a Captain America costume. According to social justice warriors, if you dress as Captain America, you are suggesting that the United States is the best country in the world. This could offend non-Americans and people who have immigrated to the United States.

Going against this guideline is not illegal. For example, it’s not illegal for a white person to dress as Super Mario. However, if you offend somebody, he/she/zee/they can press charges for a hate crime.


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