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Larry and Martha were about to leave the house to celebrate their anniversary. They left Monica to babysit Steve and Emily.

“Steve is upstairs playing video games,” Martha said. “Just leave him alone, he’ll go to bed around 12:00. But put Emily to bed by 10:30. Oh, and I ordered a pizza. The delivery guy should be here any minute.”

“It’s only 6:00,” Monica said. “Aren’t you two leaving a bit too early?”

“We got a whole night planned.”

“Actually, I do,” Larry said. “I have a few surprises for Martha.”

“Have fun,” Monica said.

“Don’t worry. We will.”

“So, where are we going?” Martha asked as she and Larry walked to the car.

“You’ll see,” Larry said.

Larry drove through a residential street.

“Do you remember that house?” Larry asked, pointing to an old house with white siding.

“How can I not?” Martha asked. “It’s where I got drunk and fell into your lap. Are we going to drop in?”

“No. Just taking a trip down memory lane.”

Larry then drove to a local restaurant.

“We haven’t been here in years,” Martha said. This is where you proposed.”

“It wasn’t very romantic though,” Larry said. “I got on one knee. But I was so nervous. My palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy.”

“I know. But you were so cute.”

Larry and Martha went into the restaurant and they ordered the buffet. The song, I Turn to You Know, by Christina Aguilera came on the radio while Larry and Martha ate.

“Our wedding song,” Martha said.

“Yup,” Larry said.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just kind of wish we didn’t have to wait until after the kids were born before we got married.”

“Well, we both had kids to take care of, while we went to college and university. We couldn’t afford a wedding, and I didn’t want to get married at city hall. Not to mention that we bought a house. Besides, I’m glad our kids got to go to our wedding. It’s too bad you didn’t get a hotel room. We could get drunk together without worrying about the kids killing each other.”

“Who says I didn’t?”

Martha’s face lit up like a lantern.

“Want to pay the bill and go now?” Martha asked.


Larry and Martha paid the bill, got into the car, and they headed to the hotel.

Larry and Martha had a lot to say while they were in the restaurant. But the car ride was very quiet. It was like they’ve run out of things to talk about.

“Do you still watch CNN?” Martha asked.

“Yes,” Larry said. “Why?”

“Just making conversation. What about Fox News?”

“Not really. Fox news is a biased conservative news organization. And this is coming from a conservative.”

“You don’t think CNN is biased?”

“Not as bad as Fox News. I wouldn’t be surprised if people accused Fox News of being a fake news organization someday.”

“Do you think people will accuse CNN of being a fake news organization?”


Larry and Martha arrived at the hotel. As soon as Larry and Martha checked in, they headed to their room.

Larry and Martha’s hotel room had a king-sized bed, a 52-by-92-inch TV, a desk, a mini-fridge, and a bathroom with a hot tub. The room was also very spacious as well.

“Why don’t you relax, while I slip into something more comfortable?” Martha asked.

Martha went to the bathroom, while Larry relaxed on the bed and watched the news. A few minutes later, Martha came out of the bathroom. She wore nothing but a bra and underwear. Both were the color teal.

“You really love that color, don’t you?” Larry asked.

“You don’t?” Martha asked. “Maybe I should do something about it.”

Martha turned around, facing away from Larry. She slowly took off her bra. Once Martha took it off, she dropped it to the floor. Meanwhile, Larry unbuckled his belt.

Unfortunately, Larry and Martha heard the fire alarm. As the fire alarm emitted a loud and continuous buzzing sound, Martha quickly put on a robe, while Larry put his belt back on. When Larry, Martha and all the guests made their way outside of the hotel, it was raining.

“Happy anniversary,” Larry said.

“Yeah,” Martha said.


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