Kids Cartoon ‘Arthur’ Won’t Air In Alabama No ratings yet.

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Liberals tend complain about stupid shit. This time, however, it`s the conservatives who are looking for something to complain about.  It seems like every single time we have an LGBTQIA character in a TV show or a movie aimed towards kids, conservatives are complaining. Of course, not all conservatives are like this.

On May 13th, 2019, there was an episode of Arthur that aired that caused a lot of controversy. In the episode, Mr. Ratburn was getting married to another man.

This episode caused so much controversy that Alabama Public Television refused to air the episode. (Source)

Of course, you have conservative Youtubers freaking out how a kids cartoon featured two gay characters. People such as this guy.

So, there are same-sex couples who does a fine job in raising kids, and people freaks out every time a gay character is featured on a TV show or movie aimed toward kids.


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