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Is your internet, phone, and cable service down?

If you’re reading this, than that must mean your internet service isn’t down, unless you’re using public Wi-Fi or a data plan. But if your internet, phone, or cable is down, you might want to read this article.

Once in a while, people all across Newfoundland have noticed that their internet, cable, and phones have been down. But why is that? I have done a thorough investigation. It turns out that once a month, multiple communication companies shuts down their services for maintenance. Larry Moody is a customer of Dodge Communications (that’s not a typo, BTW).

“Last night, the customer service representative told me that my internet was down due to scheduled maintenance,” Moody said. “They also told me that they’ve sent me a notification through email, 24 hours in advance. How can I check my email, if I got no internet?”


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