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The media tells me to follow my dreams; do what I want in life. However, my family, friends,co-workers, and strangers tell me the exact opposite. They tell me:

⦁ don’t start my own my business.
⦁ don’t bother blogging.
⦁ don’t do this, don’t do that.

These same people tell me that my only chance to get anywhere in life is to get a trade. Once I graduate, these people expect me to land a job where I work 40 hours a week, making $20.00 an hour. To make matters worse, if I don’t get that job within a month, it means that I’m not trying hard enough.

There are a wide variety of career paths to choose from. However, none of them are worth it. I will explain why none of them are worth it.

Starting your own business isn’t worth it because it’s too hard.
Writing novels, starting a band, painting, or anything else creative is not worth it because it’s too hard.
Joining the military is not worth it because it’s too hard.
Getting a degree is not worth it because it’s too hard.

Writing is Like Getting a Root Canal

I’m writing a novella. So far, I’ve written the first draft. During that time, I’ve stumbled upon a few dozen writer’s blocks. I’m working on the second draft of my novella and it’s taking me forever. After I write the second draft, I’m going to take a break and then write a third draft.Once I write the third draft, I will take my story to a proofreader.

Finally, I will either take my novella to a publisher, or I will self-publish. Even then, people may not bother to read my story.

So, I guess I’m wasting my time,writing a story, and I should quit now, while I’m ahead. Meanwhile, I should get a better job and go back to school.

Why Writing is Worth It
Pursing a career as a writer worth it because I enjoy it; I have a passion for it. Sure, writing is hard work, the competition is fierce, and there’s no guarantee of success.But guess what, the same applies for everything in life, from going to college, to finding a job, to creating art.


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