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As the title of this blog suggest, I’m gonna rename my novel. I just don’t know what I’m going to name it yet.

Here’s another preview of what I got so far.

“I doubt I’d find anybody else,” Steve said. “Women don’t find me attractive, I have low self-esteem and there’s nothing special about me. I don’t know what Shelly saw in me.”

“I hear ya. A lot of women claim that they don’t care about looks,” Michael said. “But if a woman isn’t attracted to a guy, she won’t date him. Men, however, are not as picky. A lot of people would call me sexist for what I just said, but it’s true. Men will fuck just about any woman, no matter what she looks like. But do know what else is true? Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.”

“That’s a load of crap. Some men and women are so unattractive that they’ll either end up being single for the rest of their lives, or they’ll up in a miserable relationship.

“Do you think you’re one of those people who are that unattractive?”

“Honestly, yeah.”

“And yet, you were in a happy relationship with Shelly.”


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