“Illegal Aliens Are Taking Our Jobs,” Says Some People No ratings yet.

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Many years ago, on the planet of Oberon, a war broke between the countries of Libertas and Kratos. When the war ended, the governments of Oberon created the International Conflict Resolution Act. However, people still fled Oberon because political tensions  around the whole planet were rising. Most of the people came to Earth illegally, making them illegal aliens.

Many people claim that the people of Oberon are taking their jobs.

“The school board laid me off due to budget cuts,” Martha Moody said,  who was an English teacher.  “A short while later, the school board hired an alien to take my place.”

Some people argue that people from planet Oberon are not taking jobs from the people of Earth. Richard Big, the manager of Small Mark is one of those people.

“The people of Oberon are not taking jobs from anybody,” Big said. “Private businesses and the government are giving these people jobs. It’s not the same thing.”


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