How Does Among Us Make Money?

Making Money

Among Us is a very simple game. You join a server that can have up to 10 players. One of the players is an imposter. You have to vote who you think is the imposter. If the wrong player gets the majority of votes, that player is eliminated and the game continues. Among Us was created in 2018, but it’s become popular only recently. I stopped playing the game because I became bored with it. But recently, I found another reason to stop playing the game.

“Mobile players who download the game for free are subject to ads and will have to agree to share their personal data. They can pay a small fee to avoid doing so, but if they do, they still won’t have access to the additional cosmetics PC players get with their purchase.” (Source:Andriod Central)

It’s common practice for online and mobile games to have a free version with ads and have a paid version without ads. However, I don’t agree with charging players money to keep their personal data private. In my opinion, it almost sounds like coercion. On the other hand, most people don’t mind sharing their personal information online anyway.

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