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When I tell people about my side business, they automatically assume that I’m going to fail. I will admit, it will take a long time for me to earn a profit from my business, it’s a lot of hard work, and they’re no guarantee of success. These are the reasons why most people tell me that what I’m doing isn’t worth it. But in my opinion, those are just excuses not to bother trying. But how could I possibly earn money from my business? Allow me to explain.

First off, to make ad revenue from a blog, you need to choose a niche. With a few exceptions, it’s probably a good idea to choose a niche within a niche. For example, you may want to review video games. To be more specific, you may want to review vintage video games. That’s a niche within a niche. My main website is a big generic. However, my supplement websites cover niches within niches. My online novel, Reality Engine is a literature website. More specifically, its focus is soft science fiction. My webcomic is science fiction, and satire blog. Webcomics are a niche and science fiction and satire are niches within a niche. Finally, I’m creating a humor blog. More specifically, my new blog will focus on political satire.

The next thing you have to do to make money from blogging is to choose a content angle. A content angle is how you present the content. For example, if you’re going to review video games, maybe you’ll review them in a series of videos as an irate gamer or an angry video game nerd. My content angle for my websites can be summarized in four simple words: don’t hold anything back.
Of course, there’s no way, you or I could make enough money with one website. That’s why I have three (soon to be four).
I hate to break it to you, but even if you run multiple websites, you still won’t make enough ad revenue to keep them going. That’s why you need additional sources of income. Most online content creators earn money through merchandise sales and crowdfunding. The most popular crowdfunding platform among content creators is Patreon.

At this point, I should make enough money to keep my websites going. Unfortunately, I’m still not going to earn enough money to live off of. That’s why I offer services that relate to my websites.
Most company’s create their websites themselves to save money. But they’ll need somebody with years of experience in running their websites as well as their social media platforms. That’s why I’m offering a service in website and social media management.


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