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Melody and I were on the couch, talking when Melody got a text message.

“Where are you going?” I asked Melody.

“I’m going to check up on Michael,” Melody said. “Apparently that bitch,
Allison hit him.”

“I’m coming too.”

Allison was always mentally abusive toward me, but she never hit me. So, I was shocked to learn that Allison hit Michael. On the other hand, she always had a short temper.

When Melody and went to Michael’s house, we saw him sitting at the kitchen table, holding an ice pack over one of left eye

“Michael!” Melody yelled. “Let me take a look.”

Melody removed Michael’s ice pack to reveal a black eye.

“The next time I see Allison, I’ll kill her,” Shelly said.

“Not if I kill her first,” Melody said.

“You’re not gonna kill anybody,” Michael said.

“Well, you gotta call the cops.”

“I don’t think I should.”

“Are you nuts?”

“You know how it works. If I tell people Allison hit me, so many things could happen. Allison could say I hit her first and I’ll be charged for a crime I’ve never committed. Also, if people found out, I could fired from my job. And of course, people will assume that I’ve done something to deserve it.”

“That’s bullshit, Michael.”

“He’s right,” I said. “I see this in the news all the time.”

“You should call the cops anyway,” Melody said.

There was a knock on the door and Shelly answered.

“Who’s that?” Michael asked.

“Hey, it’s Steve,” Steve said.

“Come in,” Michael said.

“That Allison misses hit you?”

“Yup. How did you know?”

“Shelly told me. Are you going to press charges?”

“No. I think it will do more harm than good.”

“I hear ya, Dude. I read this one news story about domestic abuse. A woman beat her husband. When he called the cops, the cops told him to leave the house. When word got out that his wife beat him, his boss fired him because everybody assumed that he was the abuser.”

“Michael, you can’t let that crazy bitch get away with it,” Shelly said.

“I agree,” Melody said. “You should press charges.”


Allison: “Hey.”

Michael: “Hey?”

Allison: “Yeah.”

Michael: “You hit me and you’re texting me like nothing happened? Don’t talk to me ever again, you crazy bitch.”

Allison: “Oh my!”

Allison: “Look, I’m sorry I hit you. But you were stressing me out. You’re overreacting.”

Michael: “Fuck off!”

Allison: “Don’t get saucy with me, you little fucker. You got to stop falling asleep on me, every time you come over to my house. It annoys the hell out of me and I’m always telling you about it. It annoys the fuck out of me. Also, it still hurts how one year you ignored me on my birthday. I also spend more money on you than you spend on me. Plus, you got up from the couch and went toward me. I was defending myself.”

Michael: “Stop making up bullshit. Anyway, I’m blocking you. Goodbye.”


Michael showed us the text messages that he and Allison sent each other.

“That bitch is crazier than I thought,” I said. “I’ve only dated Allison for less than a year. She was jealous, short-tempered, and she was the most insecure person I’ve ever met. But I never thought she would be this nuts.”

“What do I do?” Michael asked.

“If you’re not going to press charges, you should at least block her from your phone
and Facebook,” Steve said.

“She knows where I live, though.”

“If she comes by, you can get a peace bond,” I said.

“That’s a good idea,” Michael said. “In the meantime, I blocked Allison from my phone and Facebook.”

“That’s good. Anyway, I got to go. I got class in the morning.”

“So do I,” Melody said.

The next morning, Melody and I ate breakfast before class.

“Allison was verbally abusive,” I said. “But I never thought she would be physically abusive.”

“Meanwhile, Shelly and Steve are having issues of their own,” Melody said. “Yesterday, Shelly told me that she wanted kids someday, but Steve…well…Steve is going to see a urologist, but Shelly keeps harping on Steve about it. She keeps insisting that Steve’s not doing anything to fix his little problem, if you know what I mean.”

“But he’s addressing the issue now. It’s not like he can go back in time and change things.”


“Anyway, that’s not the only issue Steve and Shelly are having. Based on what Michael told me, Shelly has issues with Steve working full-time because it interferes with their time together.”

“That’s retarded. You got to work. I know Michael and Shelly are your best friends, but Shelly has a couple of screws loose. She’s almost as crazy as Allison.”

“I think Shelly has abandonment issues. After all, her father is in the military and her mother abandoned her and her brother.”

“So, Steve’s parents have issues, Allison’s parents were always harsh on her, and Michael and Shelly’s parents abandoned them. Meanwhile, my parents are strict Muslims and they kicked me out for being gay.

“Michael and Allison are in an abusive relationship and it seems like Steve and Shelly are having issues as well. When I was with Allison, she was verbally abusive. We’ve come from toxic families and I think that has affected all of our relationships. Me and Allison, Michael and Allison, and Steve and Shelly: toxic relationships.”

Melody’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head.

“Are you saying our relationship is toxic?” Melody asked.

“No!” I exclaimed. “I’ve live with you and your parents for over a year and you have
a wonderful relationship with them.”

“I don’t think you can blame the parents. Take a look at Jessica. She was harassed at home and at school because of her weight. Now, she’s a trainer and she’s married. Also, I don’t think Steve and Shelly’s relationship is toxic. They’re just having issues.”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.”


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