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Meanwhile, Melody and Sarah shared the last dance together.

“Aren’t you glad we came to the prom as a couple?” Melody asked.

“Yes,” Sarah said. “It seems like nobody cares.”

“Our prom photos looked really nice.”

“I know. I can’t wait to post them on Facebook.”

A short while later, Michael and Allison arrived at the hotel.

“Why did you rent rooms to these teenagers?” The Assistant Manger asked.

“Because it’s prom season,” The Manager said. “Money’s money.”

Allison and Michael arrived at their hotel room.

“You make yourself comfortable,” Allison said. “I’ll be right back.”

Allison went to the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later, wearing a school girl costume.

“I’ve been a bad girl,” Allison said.

“Yes you have,” Michael said. “Go to the corner.”

Allison stood in the corner, facing the wall. Micheal just laid on the bed, staring at Allison for a minute. But he got up and he gently tapped Allison’s ass at first. After about 3 or 4 gentle taps, Michael spanked Allison’s ass a little harder. Michael kept spanking Allison’s ass harder and harder until it turned red.

Michael then caressed Allison’s arms. He slowly slid his hands towards Allison’s arms, and then her hips. At that point, Michael was so horny, that he started to dry-hump Allison from behind. About a minute later, Allison turned around and both of them made their way to the bed, while they shove their tongues down each other’s throats. The two crashed on the bed with Allison on top.

Allison flipped her hair over her face. She swung her hair back and forth, and then she flipped it back.

Next, Allison took off her shirt, and she played with her nipples. She kept twisting her nipples as hard as she could as she moaned and groaned.

Michael grabbed Allison by the arms, and he swung Allison flat on her back. Without a second thought, Michael sucked and licked Allison’s nipples. He kept going back and forth between her left breast and her right. While Michael was doing that, he rubbed one of Allison’s legs. He slowly moved his hand up towards Allison’s pussy.

Michael got on top of Allison and he stuck his cock in Allison’s pussy. He kept thrusting back and forth until he came.

Michael and Allison knew that this was more than prom night sex. They both felt a spiritual connection.

Michael and Allison rested.

“I have another surprise for you,” Allison said.

“What is it?” Michael asked.

Allison looked under the bed and she brought out a rope.

“So, you’re going to tie me up?” Michael asked.

“No,” Allison said. “I want you to tie me up.”

Michael tied Allison to the bed, face down and he tickled her. He tickled Allison’s neck, her hips, her legs, and her toes. Allison was so ticklish that her whole body shook rapidly and she laughed hysterically.

Michael was so turned on that he untied Allison, turned her around and he fucked her brains out for the second time that night.

The next night, Michael and Allison texted each other from their homes.

Allison: “I can’t believe Sarah and Melody are engaged. And we’re all still in high school.”

Michael: “U jealous?”

Allison: “Yeah. A little.

Allison: “Okay. That’s weird. Your ex-girlfriend sent me a PM on Facebook. Hang on.”

Michael: “Okay.”

Five minutes later…

Allison: “You’re ex-girlfriend just sent me a short story about you and her. You still think about her, don’t you?”

Michael: “What are you talking about? I wrote a story about me and Nikki back in a

grade 7.”

Allison: “Why did she send me that story?”

Michael: “I don’t know. Maybe she’s not over me. So she’s trying to break us up.”

Allison: “Okay.”

Michael: “You don’t believe me, do you?”

Allison: “I do believe you! Anyway, I forgot to tell you that I start my new job tomorrow.”

Michael: “Where to?”

Allison: “Feminist Clothing. I start tomorrow. So I’m going to bed.”

Michael: “Okay. Good night.”

Allison: “Good night.”

The next day, Michael went for a walk. As he walked past the park, he saw Allison kissing another guy. Michael walked past the park as quickly as he could so Allison wouldn’t see him.

As soon as Michael arrived home, he crashed on the couch, right in the middle of Steve and Shelly.

“Anything wrong?” Steve asked.

“Allison cheated on me,” Michael said.

“Shit, Dude. Sorry to hear that.”

“That bitch,” Shelly said.

Michael’s phone dinged.

“It’s Allison,” Michael said.

Allison: “Want to do something after I get off work?”

Michael: “How about we catch a movie”

Allison: “Okay. Meet me there at 7:00.”

“I’m going to confront Allison,” Michael said.

“Good for you,” Shelly said. “How are you feeling though?”

“Pissed. Disappointed. But then again, I’ve only known Allison for like 3,4, or 5 weeks. If I can get over my breakup with Nikki, I can get over Allison cheated on me.”

That night at the theater…

“Hey!” Allison said. “So, what movie do you want to see?”

“How about Cheater?” Michael said. “I saw you kissing that other guy at the park, today.”

“Oh. Michael. It’s not what it looks like. I’m cheating on my boyfriend with you.”

Michael just stood there is shock. He wanted to yell at Allison. But instead, he coldly walked away without saying a word.

When Michael got on the bus, he wrote a short story on his phone.


Liv and I were that couple that you would see in a 1990’s sitcom or a teen drama. Or maybe we were one of those couples that people read about in a cheesy and cliché romance novel.

We did everything together. We took martial arts together, we went ice skating together. We even did a web comic together. I would write the story, and Liv would draw the comic.

But over the course of several months, Liv dropped hints that she cheated on me, such as asking me, “what would you do if I cheated?”

One day, while I was over to Liv’s house, I asked her, “did you cheat on me?”

“Don’t make me say it,” Liv said.

“How the fuck could you do this to me?”

“Will let me explain?”

“What’s there to explain? You fucking cheated on me?”

“It’s just that we’ve been in a rut as of late. I didn’t talk to you about it, because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. So I talked to Ross about it.”

“You’re co-worker?”

“Yes. One thing lead to another and we ended up having sex. I also fell in love with him and I fell out of love with you. Please understand. Put yourself in my shoes. I’m going through more than you.”

“You fucking cheated on me and you expect me to put your feelings ahead of mine? That’s fucked up! And you’re going through more than me? You are one selfish, fucked up cunt! We’re done!”

Of course, the drama between Liv and I had just begun.

One day, Liv sent me a text.

Liv: “I’ve feeling suicidal.”

Me: “Get help.”

Liv: “That’s all you have to say to me? Ross only used me for sex. He also treated like shit. I want you to call him and tell him off.”

Me: “Do it yourself.”

Liv: “No. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Me: “So, you want me to get in trouble instead? Fuck you! You’re sick!”

Liv: “Don’t you talk to me like that. I want you to call Ross and tell him off.”

Liv: “Still there? I want you to tell Ross off. Do it! You’re going to tell him off because I said so.”

Liv kept harassing me for weeks to get me to harass Ross. She also kept looking for the dumbest reasons to fight with me. I changed my phone number and I blocked her on Facebook. But Liv kept signing up for new accounts. I’ll never forget this one PM she sent me.

Liv: “Some boyfriend you were. I asked to do one simple thing. But you wouldn’t do it. Ross hurt me and you don’t even care. You also look for the dumbest reasons. And why would you tell your friends that I cheated on you, because you needed somebody to talk to? Thanks for making me look like a psycho bitch.”

It reached the point where I had to get a restraining order on Liv.

So, Liv harassed me to harass somebody else, so she wouldn’t get into trouble. Andnow she’s in trouble. Holy shit, the fucking irony!

Anyway, she’s still making my life a living hell. I can’t take her shit anymore. I have my dad’s gun, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.


Michael posted his short story online and became an instant hit. People suggested that Michael should turn his short story into a novel, which is what he did. He sold enough copies to earn him a vacation to New York City.


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