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Her eyes were greener than I thought, and she had the cutest dimples. It was like I was looking at the face of a goddess. I didn’t tell her that, though. I tried my best to play it cool…but it was an epic fail.

“Damn, you’re hot,” I said.

“Thanks,” Allison said. “You’re pretty hot too. Let’s go.”

Allison and I headed to our hotel room.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Allison said. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Allison went to the bathroom, but she came out a few minutes later, completely naked. She had a perfectly firm and round breasts and legs that went on for miles. And her hips…my God, those hips.

“Is it hot in here, or is it just you?” I asked.

Allison curled up next to me and she slowly unbuckled my belt. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off.

“Attention all occupants,” the fire alarm’s voice-over said. “Please evacuation the building in a calm and orderly fashion. Do not use the elevators.” This was followed by the fire alarm’s continuous buzzer.

It gave us such a fright. Allison and I we both jumped out of bed and we landed on our faces.

Allison quickly got up on her feet, put on her underwear and she put on one of the
Hotel’s robes.

Allison and I left the room, ran down the stairs to the lobby, and we left the building.

That Monday, I ate lunch with Steve and Shelly.

“How was your girlfriend’s prom?” Shelly asked.

“Pretty good,” I said. “Allison introduced me to her friends. We danced and we had a good time.”

“Is your girlfriend hot?”

“Yes, she is!”

“Did anything else happen at the prom?” Steve asked.

“Nope,” I said. “I can accurately say that nothing else happened.”


I met Melody in grade 10. We both wrote for the school newspaper. We became best friends. I even started to like her, but I had a girlfriend at the time.

However, the bitch cheated on me. I can’t even say, nor write her name, but never forget the conversation we had.

“What would do if I ever cheated on you?” My ex asked.

“Why do you keep asking me that?” Melody said. “Are you cheating on me?”

“Don’t make me say it,” my ex said.

I couldn’t believe it. I kept thinking that I was having a bad dream or maybe this was one big misunderstanding. But I knew the truth.

“Who did you cheat on me with?” I asked.

“A guy from your school,” she said. “Will you let me explain?”

“You fucking cheated on me. There’s nothing to explain.”

“It’s just they we’ve been in a rut lately. I originally went on this app to talk to somebody about it, but then I met somebody else that I really like. Please, understand. Put yourself in my shoes.”

“You cheated on me and you expect me to put myself in your shoes? That’s fucked up!”

“Don’t yell at me and curse at me. I’m going through a lot more than you are. I don’t need this shit. I’m done with you.”

“Great! You’ve made this breakup so much easier for me.”

Things got worse for me. A few days later, my parents kicked me out. I’ve spent an entire day wandering around the city. At one point, I stood over a bridge for about 15 minutes. I thought about jumping, but I was too afraid to die. When it got dark, I went over the Melody’s house.

“Sarah, what’s wrong?” Melody asked.

“My parents kicked me out,” I said as I was crying.

“Come in.”

“My parents kicked me out because they found out that I’m gay,” I said.

“How did they find out?” Melody asked.


“Why didn’t you change your privacy settings?”

“I don’t know. Why do people post every detail of their lives on Facebook? ‘I’m gone out.’ That’s great. Now, somebody can break into your house.”

I started to cry again as Melody’s mother walked into the room.

“What’s on the go?” Melody’s mother asked.

“Her parents kicked her out because she’s gay,” Melody said.

“Do you have anywhere to go, Sarah?”

“No,” I said to Melody’s mother.

“I tell you what,” Melody’s mother said. “You can stay with us for as long as you need.”

“Thank you,” I said.

The first week was hard. My parents kicked me out of the house and my ex-girlfriend cheated on me. Since I was living with Melody, I couldn’t decide if I should ask her to the prom or not. After much contemplation, I’ve decided to ask Melody to the prom and she said yes.

The night before the prom, Melody and I had a heart-to-heart.

“Life never turns out the way you expect it,” Melody said. “Everybody thought I would end up with Michael because we’ve been best friends since childhood.”

“And now we’re going to the prom together,” I said.

“Speaking of which, Michael has a new girlfriend.”

“Awesome. What’s her name?”

“I can’t remember. I suck with names.”

The prom was the next night. Melody and I wore matching gowns, except they were different colors.

“We’ve would have been here sooner if it wasn’t Mom taking pics,” Melody said.

“At least we’re here,” I said. “Where are we sitting?”

“Table five.”

Melody and I walked to the table.

“Hello, Allison,” I said.

“Hey, Sarah,” Allison said.

“You two know each other?” Michael asked.

“Why don’t you ask your girlfriend?” I said.

Allison stormed off and Michael followed her.

“Is that the bitch that cheated on you?” Melody asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I can’t believe Michael would date the slut.”

“I don’t think he knew.”

“Well, now that he knows, maybe he’ll dump her.”

“O.M.G! How stupid am I? I’m just a rebound girl.”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“This was a mistake.”

Melody got up from her chair and she left. But I followed her.

“Mel, wait,” I said. “You knew that I just got out of a relationship, and yet, you said yes when I asked you to prom. Why would you think that you’re the rebound girl?”

Melody hesitated to speak.

“I…I don’t know,” Melody said.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” I asked.

“That’s what I mean, I don’t know.”

“Are you jealous?”

“I guess.”

“Why? Do you like me?”

“Yes! I like you. Are you happy?”

“Yes, I’m very happy. I liked you since grade 10. But I never told you because I was too afraid. So, I met Allison online and we dated. But that was a mistake. I dated Allison, even though I liked you. How dumb was that?”

Melody’s face glowed so bright, it could have lit up the gym.

“Wanna go back inside and dance?” Melody asked.

“Yes,” I said.


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