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After much contemplation, I’ve decided to press charges against Allison. The judge sentenced Allison to a year of probation.

Soon after the trial ended, I took a trip to Japan.

I checked into my hotel room. On my first night, I had trouble sleeping because of jet lag. So I browsed the web, while drinking a few cans of beer.

When I went to bed, I had this weird dream where I saw Nikki for the first time since high school. I think we were at somebody’s house and there were people there, whom I’ve never met. I was just sitting on the couch, minding my business, when I saw Nikki.

“Hey, Nikki!” I said excitedly. “It’s been such a long time.”

“I know,” Nikki said in a solemn voice.

“What have you’ve been up to?”

“I’ve been busy. Excuse me.”

As Nikki made her way to the bathroom, a man approached me.

“Don’t ask Nikki about her past,” the man said. “She had a hard life.”

That’s when the dream ended.

I thought about that dream for days. Why would I dream of Nikki after all of these years? Also, what did that dream mean? Nikki never had a hard life, unless she had a hard life since moving to Japan.

I’ve decided to check out Nikki’s Facebook profile to find out. It turned out that Nikki and some guy were engaged and that she was the general manager of a local gym.

That’s when it hit me; I had unresolved feelings for Nikki that I’ve buried since high school. I was sad and jealous that she found true love; that she was living a happy and fulfilling life.

The next day, I headed to Aokigahara, also known as Suicide Forest.


During my probation, I’ve landed a job at a local retail store. That’s where I met Ross.

We started off as friends. We talked to each other about our issues. Within a short time, we fell in love. But that love didn’t last long.

I went on Facebook to learn that Michael visited Suicide Forest.

“You’re going to Japan to look for your ex-boyfriend?” Ross asked.

“He’s planning to visit Suicide Forest,” I said.

“So? It’s a tourist attraction. Wait. Oh, my God! You still have feelings for

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do. If you go looking for your ex-boyfriend, we’re done.”

“Fine then.”

I took the next flight to Japan.

Two days later, I took a cab.

“Where to?” the taxi driver asked.

“Suicide Forest, please,” I said.

“I can’t take you. Please, think of your family.”

“You don’t understand. I have a friend who went there. I think he may hurt himself.”

“Alright. I will take you there. I will pray for you and your friend.”

“Thank you.”

I arrived to Suicide Forest. I brought a flashlight, glow sticks, a first aid kit, and food.

I walked around Suicide Forest for hours, but I didn’t find Michael.

The story ends here. Both Michael and Allison went missing. The police found the body of a young white man in the forest. However, he didn’t have his wallet on him. According to police, the young man died by hanging himself. While the police tried to ID the body, the case went cold. Allison, however, was nowhere to be seen.


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