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Gillette recently released a commercial that encouraging men to be better. The commercial received plenty of backlash. Many people accused Gillette of male bashing. Ironically, most of Gillette’s customers are men.

As of January 22nd, the commercial received over 680 thousands likes and over 1.2 million dislikes.

According to our anonymous reporter, there is another universe. In this other universe, all forms of bad behavior is the result of toxic masculinity. Also, all forms of masculinity are toxic.

Two weeks ago, toxic masculinity were at such high levels across the United States that Donald Trump issued a state of emergency for the entire country. But thanks to Gillette’s recent commercial, the toxicity levels across the United States subsided.

Such levels of toxic masculinity are quite common in the other universe. Commercials such as the one that Gillette released is what keeps the levels of toxic masculinity down.

The reason  Gillette didn’t produce a similar commercial in our universe was because of budget cuts.


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