Now Has Its Own Servers

News is a social network with the goal of defending free speech. The majority of its users and administration are on the far-right of the political spectrum. On September 30th, 2020, Gab announced that they now have their own in-house servers. What that means is that they are hosting the website themselves. This is excellent news for, because nobody can take site down.

According to Andrew Torba, C.E.O of, the site has been banned from mutliple cloud hosting providers and they have been told to build their own servers. The people who run were able to build their own servers because the site is 100% funded by their users. Users can either donate money, become an investor, or sign up for a Gab Pro account. Since is now hosted on it’s own servers, site performance and speed will improve.

Final thoughts.

Although the majority of’s users and administration is on the far-right of the political spectrum, the site is still for everybody.

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