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In celebration of Father’s Day, I’ve created a list of four great TV fathers and two terrible fathers.

Four Great Fathers

Wellman Matrix- Reboot

Wellman was a brilliant scientist and loving father. In the TV movie Reboot: Daemon Rising, Wellman’s daughter, Dot helped him prepare a presentation. In another scene, Wellman came back from deletion as a null monster and he played catch with his son, Enzo.

Bobby Singer- Supernatural

Bobby never had kids of his own, but he was a loving father figure to Dean and Sam. While Dean and Sam’s dad took them hunting demons and other supernatural entities, Bobby took some time to play catch with Dean.

“Well, as fate would have it, I adopted two boys and they grew up great. They grew up heroes.” – Bobby Singer.


Sure, Goofy is absent minded, but if you want to see how awesome of a father he is, go watch The Goofy Movie.

Hank Hill – King of the Hill

Hank Hill is very uptight. If it was up to Hank, Bobby wouldn’t be into pro comedy, he would never play video games, and maybe he wouldn’t be overweight. But hey, Hank only wants what’s best for his son.  Hank may have raised his voice a few times, but I don’t ever remember  a time when he really yelled at Bobby. In one episode of King of the Hill, Bobby was riding his father’s lawn mower, and playing his father’s guitar. Sounds like Bobby wanted to be just like his dad.

Two Terrible Fathers

Home Simpson – The Simpsons 

Home has enormous flaws he doesn’t try to change. At the end of the day, though, he’s there for his kids. But Homer has spent over 30 years strangling his 10-year-old son. It reached the point where Bart got emancipated at one point.

Bobby Singer’s Dad – Supernatural

“Punching women and children, is that what they call fatherhood in your day?” – Bobby Singer.



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