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I know what you’re thinking. Nobody’s going to pay to play browser games. If they were willing to, gaming websites would have done this already.

You make a good point. However, these websites contain ads. So if you want to play online games on an ad-free website, then check out Area 51. For $3.00 a month, you can play browser games and gain access to exclusive and early access content on an ad-free site.

Speaking of which, this is exactly what this is, early access. Online advertising is not what it use to be. As a result, internet companies have to look for other funding methods. For online gaming, early access is one of them. I have two online games that are in the works.

The first game is called Insulting Dad. In this game, your dad keeps insulting you, and you have to decide how to deal with it. Insulting Dad is a point and click game.

The second game is called the Paparazzi Challenge. This is a simple quiz where you look at photos of celebrities who try to hide from the paparazzi and you have to figure out which celebrity is which.

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