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Several changes are coming to Townie Place. For starters, I’ve renamed Townie Place Media to simply Townie Place. But that’s not the only changes I will make. Townie Place is a network of art, literature, entertainment, and humor blogs. But now, I want to focus on mainly on humor. The reason is that it’s a more specific niche, which will increase ad revenue.

The following is a list of preliminary changes that I may make. However, I may change my mind.

I will republish my online novel for print and as an ebook. The same will apply for future novels and short story collections.

I will create a new a premium membership that consist of best of content.

All sites will get new templates.

Here is the timeline to these changes.

June 22nd: Stop archiving content on the Townie Place Media website.

July 6th: Will stop publishing daily photos.

August 3rd: Stop posting content.

August 17th: Unpublishing Facebook pages.

August 31st: Close all websites for reconstruction.

October 1st: Launch beta versions of my website as well as new Facebook pages for each site.

November 1st: Close websites for further maintenance.

November 19th: Launch final version of my websites.

December 1st: Launch the premium membership site.

My goal is to be able to work on my blogs full time by December 2018.


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