Captain Marvel Isn’t For Anybody Says WWE Superstar No ratings yet.

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Captain Marvel is the most politically charged movie in human history, especially when it comes to social justice. Ironically, the movie itself has very little to do with social justice.

After Brie Larson said that Captain Marvel isn’t for cisgender straight white men, several so-called feminists echoed her statement.

“Captain Marvel isn’t for cisgender straight white men,” Anita Quinn said in a tweet. “But if you don’t see the movie, you are misogynist. So, you’re screwed either way.”

Shortly after Captain Marvel was released, the ratings for the movie quickly declined to a negative infinity percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Feminists claimed that men wrote all the negative reviews. One of those reviewers was WWE superstar Becky Lynch, who calls herself The Man.

While Becky Lynch isn’t a professional reviewer, she gave her thoughts on Captain Marvel anyway.

“Captain Marvel isn’t for anybody,” Becky Lynch said in a tweet. “But if you watch the movie, you’ll waste your money.”

Larson responded by mentioning the extensive fight training she did including learning how to fall and compared it to Becky Lynch’s wrestling training, even though this had nothing to do with the  Captain Marvel movie.

Becky Lynch then tweeted, “movies are fake!”


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