Can You Make Money From Your Playlist?

Content Creation Making Money

There are curators out there who make money creating playlists. Sometimes, musicians pay curators to promote their music. Other curators use websites such as Finally, some curators may make money from their playlists by embedding them on their websites, which may have ad banners and affiliate links on them.

You can’t make money from your playlist using Spotify or Amazon Music because it’s against their terms of service. If you want to make money from your YouTube playlist, you could argue that if the record company didn’t want people to embed their music videos elsewhere, they wouldn’t allow their videos to be embedded in the first place. This is a very murky area to walk through. Ironically, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Whether if it’s for fun or for monetary gain, if you want your playlist to stand out, my advice should be obvious, make your playlist as unique as possible. Here are some examples.

Classic Hits From Canadian Rockers

These songs are classic hits from Canadian rockers such as Rush, The Tragically Hip, and Biff Naked.


Are your parents are controlling, overbearing, or abusive? This playlist is for you.

Classic Love Songs

This playlist consists of older love songs. Most of these songs are either pop, R&B, or hip hop.

Licenced Wrestling Themes

Some songs are produced specifically for wrestling, whether if it’s for a wrestler, an event, etc. These songs were used in wrestling later on.

2000’s Guilty Pleasures

These are the songs that you love but are embarassed to listen to. I choose the 2000’s for this playlist because I was in my teens and early 20’s at the time. Some of these songs have gotten me through some tough times.

Do you have any ideas for playlists? Let me know in the comments.

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