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Bullying has existed since Cain and Able. Ever since the 1980’s, bully victims stood up for themselves. Of course, bullies have always justified their actions. But now, the bullies are standing up for themselves. In fact, there was a Facebook group where bullies defend themselves and support each other. The Facebook is called Bully Safehouse.

“Spreading false information about somebody that can ruin that person’s life is free speech,” Chad Dumphy wrote.

“I pick on wussies all the time,” another bully wrote, who’ve created an anonymous Facebook profile.

“Bullying is all about survival of the fittest,” manager of Small Mark, Richard Big wrote. “I need to pick on the weak like I need eat burgers and fries.”

The Facebook group Bullying Safehouse was recently deleted by Facebook for violating their terms of service. However, another version of the group was created on Minds.com.


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