Breaking News: Betty White Is Still Alive

Spread the love is happy to announce that Betty White is still alive. Nothing happened to her that we’re aware of, we’re just happy that she’s still alive at the age of 97.

How did Betty White stay alive for 97 years? That’s a question people have wondered for  years. We finally know the answer. Betty White is one quarter deity.

As a one quarter deity, Betty White only has one power; the power to entertain. Betty White can live a lot longer than a normal human being, just as long as she lives a healthy lifestyle. White revealed that her mother was demigod, who married a mortal.

Voodoo doctor, Dr. Stein said there’s no way of knowing when Betty White’s time will come.

“Betty White can pass away tomorrow, or she can live to be 200,” Dr. Stein said.

Betty White isn’t the only quarter deity in Hollywood. Bob Barker is also a quarter deity as well.


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