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For decades, we’ve been told that we need food to live, but according to a new study, all food is bad for you.

”There are a lot foods that we think are healthy, but they’re not,”  Dr. Adan River says.

Dr. River compiled a partial list of foods and beverages that are not as healthy as we think.


Fruits has sugar which can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Some fruits have more sugar than others. Bananas have more sugar than every other fruit.  The only fruit that people should eat are blueberries, since they are rich in antioxidants.


Whether if it’s soy milk, whole milk, etc, Milk is full of hormones, fat, sugar, or a combination of the three.


People switch from red meat to chicken to lower their cholesterol level. However,a recent study suggest that eating chicken won’t lower your cholesterol levels.


While eggs are high in protein, they are also full of fat.

Green Tea

While green tea has plenty of antioxidants, drinking green tea will cause you to expel vitamins and minerals from your body, especially protein.


Water keeps us hydrated.  However, it doesn’t help you lose weight. In addition to this, water usually contains elements that are harmful to the human body.

It seems like everything we eat it bad for us. For that reason, Dr. River suggests that we should just stop eating.


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