April 29, 2017

Townie Place is a arts, literature, and entertainment website where users can submit content in five categories: comics, images, videos, and fiction.

One thing you’ll notice is that we put minimal ads on this website.

Townie Place is more than just a website. We also offer services in web design  and content licencing.

This website also features the serial novel Reality Engine.

A planet called Oberon is in a cold war over a reality engine; a machine that can control time. It also be used to see into alternate timelines.

The planet is divided into many countries. Two of those countries are Libertas and Kratos.

The Libertas government brought the reality engine to Earth. That same government chose Martha Moody, a mother of two kids, to be to safekeeper. While the Kratos government spent years looking for the reality engine, Martha had to deal with typical family issues.


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