TowniePlace.ca is a resource for bloggers, content creators, web designers,and graphic designers.

You create a blog with TowniePlace and not only will we promote your blog, but you can make some money from it with our ad-program.

We talk about a wide variety of topics. But most of the topics revolve anything that has to do with the internet from freedom of speech online, web design, internet culture, and more.

We also offer a wide variety of services. For one thing, we allow users to create their own free blogs and make money from them.

Who Benefits from TowniePlace.ca?

  • Content creators and online publishers who are looking for a free speech platform. Let’s face it, most social media websites and blogging platforms are not safe havens for free speech.
  • Content creators who want to make extra money from their work.
  • Business owners who don’t have the time to promote their businesses.


Marble Desert (2015 – 2016)

In 2014, I started the website, MarbleDesert.  It started as gaming blog. But then, I started to post other content. Eventually, the I started posting content that related to video games, music, TV shows, and music. Towards the end, I posted comics and short stories.

Townie Place (2016 – 2017)

In 2016, I rebranded MarbleDesert.com to TowniePlace.ca in an attempt to gain local advertisers. For over a year, Townieplace.ca went from an entertainment blog, to a blog hosting business, to a political blog, and to the website’s current state.

Art, Design, Literature, and Entertainment/Amplify Your Voice(June 2017)

As of June 2017, TowniePlace.ca was dedicated to art, literature, and entertainment. The problem was that I needed a business model. So I’ve turned TowniePlace.ca into a service to help online publishers, content creators, and bloggers.

My name is Justin Howlett, and I’m the owner of TowniePlace.ca