Day: June 19, 2018

Five Funny Billboards No ratings yet.

This type of blog post has been done to death. But I want to this blog to be entertaining. So here are five random funny billboards. They are arranged in no particular order. 1. Heh-heh-heh…Giant This photo was originally posted here. 2. This had to have been done on purpose.


A Growing Number of People Are Demanding That Superman Leave Earth No ratings yet.

For many years, most people consider Superman to be a hero, but there are a few people who believe that Superman is a threat to humanity because of his super powers. That’s not the reason why these people want Superman to leave Earth, though. A growing number of conservatives want


WWE’s Paige Was Assaulted By a Fan! No ratings yet.

A WWE fan assaulted Paige on Sunday Night after the pay-per-view Money in The Bank. For the record, this actually happened. Paige was sitting in the passenger seat of her car. She had her window down and was saying goodbye to fans, high-fiving some when a man pie-faced Paige and